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Youth Service/New Generations
Youth Service/New Generations, has been officially recognized as the Fifth Avenue of Service by Rotary International.
Youth Service/New Generations programs include all our Rotary service programs for young people up to the age of 30. These include the RI Programs of Rotaract, Interact, Rotary Youth Exchange and RYLA, along with a large number of other projects done at the club level.
So, why are Youth Service/New Generations programs so important that they have now been recognized internationally? We often hear that our youth is our future. This is certainly true and one of the reasons that we focus on literacy, leadership training, and expanding training in ethics for young people. These are the people who will be running our country and our world within the next 20 years. Rotarians have always taken a sincere interest in helping to prepare the next generation-with programs and projects that help with health and education, and lead the way to world peace and understanding. Beyond this fact, young people are also the future of our organization if we choose for Rotary to survive and thrive beyond our lifetime.
Through Rotary youth programs, we have the opportunity to not only provide service that is the keystone of our organization, but also to develop relationships and provide exposure to our wonderful organization and the ideals of "Service Above Self" to the next generation.
RYLA - Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is a premium leadership program for high school sophomores and juniors. The program is a life-changing leadership programs for tomorrow's leaders to gain hands-on experience in developing leadership skills with a focus on community service. The conference is open to high school sophomores and juniors with lasting opportunities for RYLA Alumni to step forward and work with Rotarians and other organizations to put their leadership skills into action through coordination of leadership seminars and community projects throughout the year.
Early Act is not official sponsored by Rotary International, but is supported at the both the Rotary District (District 7950) and the local Rotary Club levels. Early Act clubs are for children ages 6-11, typically for those students in elementary school. Early Act clubs allow younger students the opportunity to learn about community service by engaging a simple projects that can provide social, moral and/or environmental impact in their school and/or community. Early Act clubs as a stepping stone to developing an early appreciation for helping others.
Interact is a Rotary sponsored club for ages 12 to 18, typically for those students in high school or middle school, although it is not limited to a single school. Interact clubs are involved in community, campus and international service projects.
Rotaract is a Rotary sponsored club for ages 18 to 30, typically those students attending college or universities. Rotaractors are involved in community and international service projects, as well as professional development and leadership training, and are good partners in service with their sponsoring Rotary clubs.
Rotary Youth Exchange is the leading international student exchange program in the world. Rotary Youth Exchange programs send students out to foreign countries each year and hosts students from around the world, to spend a year of high school in our communities. Rotary Youth Exchange consists of short term and long term exchange programs. 
New Generations/Youth Exchange is another cultural exchange program for students beyond high school, for a shorter term exchange experience abroad